Numbers of responses

There were 112 forms covering 199 people.

Of these people,
62 were from the vigil Mass,
88 were from the 9.30 Mass,
49 were from the 11.15 Mass.

42 people did not have a full set of indications of the suitability of times, that is they did not rank all options from 1 to 8. Their results were included where available and then all blank choices were set to 8 (i.e. least preferred).

A relevant observation

Several people pointed out that the times of Masses in neighbouring parishes was a relevant consideration and might well have an impact on what times are suitable. For example, if St Vincent’s ceased to have a Sunday Evening Mass, the case for us having one would be stronger.

A first look at the results

Here are averages of the results for each current Mass group (i.e. 6.30, 9.30, 11.15). High values show options judged more suitable.
(For the technically minded: the original orders were replaced by ‘8- the original’ to make high values correspond to being more suitable.)